Information about the VetteNet

The VetteNet is an Internet email discussion group. Anyone with an interest in Corvettes is welcome to join in the discussion, owners and non-owners alike. All years and models are represented, and there is a wealth of information available for both drivers and waxers.

If you are not familiar with Internet email groups, think of them as electronic cocktail parties, minus the hooch. A centralized address is set up, and any email sent to this address is forwarded to all the members of the list. At any given time there are several "conversations" going on at once, and you can be involved in all of them. Unlike a cocktail party where it is difficult to be in more than one at a time.

Currently there are close to 1,000 members, which generates a lot of traffic (the 100 messages per day limit is reached often). One simple technique can help to keep the number of posts manageable: Send private email. If you are responding to a post and feel that the information would probably only be of interest to the original poster, then please send the information directly to the person, rather than to the list. If you are asking a question of a particular person, such as "Are you going to the show in Barfly, NJ next week?", then please send it directly to the person of interest if possible.

The bottom line is, think before you hit the "Send" button. If what you just typed won't be interesting to at least a handful of vettenetters, then consider sending it direct.

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