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This is the home page for the vettenet. The vettenet is the email list for discussions relating to all years and models of corvettes. If you are an owner, a wannabe, or just love the car, consider subscribing.

This home page continuously evolves, and new images are added periodically. If you haven't been here in a while, stop back to see what has changed. If you have something to contribute from the list, the newsgroups, or original material, please don't hesitate to send it to me. If you send me something non-original, please include the original authors email address.

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Andy's Auto Sport knows Corvette parts. There are tons of performance parts available for your C4 through C6 Corvette like Corvette wheels, or go for some style with a Corvette body kit. If you want to modify the sound of your Vette, get a Corvette exhaust from them. You can also get a custom Corvette hood from them.

Restoration packages

You can get a "restoration package" at no cost from GM/Chevrolet. Sinply call the Chevy/Geo customer assistance hotline at (800) 222-1020 or 810-696-4800. Have your VIN handy, as they'll ask for it. The contents of this package varies by year. Call now before they start charging!
If your car was originally registered in Canada. you will have to call GM of Canada at (800) 263-3777. GM Canda wants $40.00 plus tax for the restoration package, so try the US number first!
Please note, I am only the maintainer of the VetteNet WWW Home Page. I cannot subscribe anyone to the list, and I (usually) cannot answer specific questions about Corvettes. That's why we have the VetteNet in the first place!
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